Years ago, before the internet took off- travel agents were a vital source of information for any and all destinations- and really, nothing has changed. By planning your vacation with Castle Dreams Travel, you will save time, money, and you will truly learn more about the type of vacation you want to take (or thought you wanted to take) . You will become a better traveler and we will make sure you are fully prepared for your trip- especially a trip as emotionally invested as a vacation with your family. Our travel planners have a wealth of knowledge they share with their guests that you won’t have access to booking on your own. Castle Dreams Travel Planners help you choose your resort, excursions, dining reservations, etc. and most might have had personal experience visiting your destination so can answer an array of questions or concerns you might have. 


Castle Dreams Travel is a vital resource for your vacation-
no matter how big or small or wherever the destination may be. 

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